Labrador Mountain
6935 Route 91, Truxton, NY 1315 - Map
GPS 42.44° N 76.01° W
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    29° / 34° Rain And Snow
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Labrador Ski Report

This report is effective 7:00 AM, Monday, April 4th. Was March like a lion or a lamb? Or was it just another CNY holy roller coaster Batman? Maybe it was just like to whole 2021-22 season. With both a sunny Saturday and a snowy Sunday, this past weekend was just a particularly fine finish to a particularly fine season. After 89 days of some really outstanding skiing and snowboarding, Song and Labrador are now officially closed for the season. Only a few spring cleaning items remain. First, the spring season season pass sale ends this Friday at midnight. Through Friday, April 8th, no inflationary price increase, a 2022-23 buddy pass, and a $25 voucher to Song’s now famous Heuga’s Alpine. Second, due to ongoing COVID-19 deep cleaning and some locker room renovations, please clean out your locker no later than Friday, April 29th. Song’s office is open Mon through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Third and finally, Heuga’s Alpine reopens for the summer with a new menu Thursday, April 21st. And don’t forget to make reservations for Heuga’s first Mother’s Day Brunch, Sunday, May 8th. Visit for details. Everyone here at Song and Labrador sincerely appreciate all our patrons who traveled to Song and Labrador this winter. We all wish you and yours a happy, safe, healthy, and properous summer… Operating hours at both mountains are posted at “Hours Of Operation 7 Days Out”. And a reminder for all… 2022-23 Season Passes are ON SALE NOW. Beat any price increase and get a “Buddy Pass” TOO, PLUS PLUS A $25 voucher to Song’s now famous Heuga’s Alpine.
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– – – VERY IMPORTANT LINKS – – – 2022-23 SEASON PASS LINK GIFT CARD LINK Thank you for visiting If this report is not current, please call 607-842-6204