Hours Of Operation 7 Days Out


Date Song Labrador Ski Day What’s Happening
Thu, Feb 25 10a-9p 10a-9p 68 New Song Bar Opens 11a
Last Run Opens 11a
Fri, Feb 26 10a-9p 10a-9p 69
Sat, Feb 27 9a-4:30p 9a-9p 70
Sun, Feb 28 9a-4:30p 9a-4:30p 71
Mon, Mar 1 *Closed 10a-4:30p 72 *Song is Closed ALL non-holiday Mondays
Tue, Mar 2 10a-9p 10a-9p 73
Wed, Mar3 10a-9p 10a-9p 74
Hours Subject To Change On Short Notice             PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR UPDATES