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Song Ski Report

This report is effective 7:00 AM, Saturday, March 21st. Yesterday our governor signed an appropriately named “NY State On Pause” Executive order. We have already been and will continue to abide by any current and future decrees put forth by the Governor, and we have similarly followed the recommendations of the CDC. The health and welfare of both our patrons and staff is our primary concern. So given the current Covid-19 condition and quite frankly, a lack of snow, Song and Labrador will NOT be open for skiing and riding this weekend. However, both offices and locker rooms will be open Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22 from 10 AM to 3 PM. Please take this opportunity to clean out your seasonal lockers. AND ALSO, of course, you can purchase your two thousand 20-21 season passes. Mark your calendar… Though Friday, April 17th you can beat any price increase and get a “Buddy” pass too. We can only pray that by the time the snow flies next fall, this nasty virus will be simply a distant memory. Get your season pass NOW! As we all struggle with the Covid-19 fallout, everyone here at Song and Labrador wishes you and your family a safe and healthy transition back to normality. Be safe, be smart, and of course, stay six feet apart… Operating hours at both mountains are posted at “Hours Of Operation 7 Days Out”. And a reminder for all… 2020-21 Season Passes are ON SALE NOW. Beat any price increase and get a “Buddy Pass” TOO. Prices will NEVER BE LOWER!
See the link below. – – – VERY IMPORTANT LINKS – – – 2020-21 SEASON PASS LINK GIFT CARD LINK Thank you for visiting If this report is not current, please call 315-696-5711