Give the gift of a lift!

Labrador, Song

Gift cards are available at either mountain. Call Lab (607-842-6204) or Song (315-696-5711).

Gift cards are accepted at both mountains for any product or service and do not expire.

Hours Of Operation 7 Days Out


Date Song Labrador Ski Day What’s Happening
Tue, Jan 26 10a-9p 10a-9p 38
Wed, Jan 27 10a-9p 10a-9p 39
Thu, Jan 28 10a-9p 10a-9p 40
Fri, Jan 29 10a-9p 10a-9p 41
Sat, Jan 30 9a-4:30p 9a-9p 42 LIVE FROM NYC, THE WILDLY POPULAR… “Ghost Band”
Sun, Jan 31 9a-4:30p 9a-4:30p 43
Mon, Feb 1 *Closed 10a-4:30p 44 *Song is Closed ALL non-holiday Mondays
Hours Subject To Change On Short Notice             PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR UPDATES

Friday Night Freakouts are Back!


Friday Night Freakouts are back, only at Song Mountain! Fri, Dec 29, 2017, Jan 26, 2018, Feb 23, 2018 lift tickets are only $9 from 4 pm – midnight!

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